Games Like Pokemon

games like pokemonThe Pokemon games were role playing games with an element of strategy and the series is well known for its story lines, turn based combat and the ability to capture and breed various Pokemon. Check this below list of recommendations for monster catching, breeding and battling RPG games like Pokemon for PC, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, Xbox 360, Online, Facebook, iPhone and Android.

PC games like Pokemon

1.Pokémon: Generations
2.Pokémon 3D
4.Pokemon PC
5.Final Fantasy VIII
6.Deity Quest

Nintendo DS games like Pokemon

1.Digimon World Championship
2.Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
3.Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
4.Monster Rancher DS
5.Animal Crossing: Wild World

PlayStation games like Pokemon

1.Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner
2.Jade Cocoon 2
3.Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2
4.Digimon World Data Squad
5.Jade Cocoon 1

Xbox 360 games like Pokemon

1.Enchanted Arms
2.Tales of Vesperia
3.Eternal Sonata
4.Magna Carta 2
5.Chaotic: Shadow Warriors

Online games like Pokemon

1.Monster MMORPG
4.Pokemon Dawn of Darkness
5.Digimon Masters

Facebook games like Pokemon

1.Monster Galaxy
2.Miscrits: Sunfall Kingdom
3.Dragon City
4.Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands
5.Monster Legends

iPhone games like Pokemon

2.Mighty Monsters
3.Monster Galaxy

Android games like Pokemon

2.Monster Galaxy
3.Monster Warlord
4.Monster Tracker
6.Monster Rivals