50 Anime Where The Main Character is OP But Hides it

We have seen a lot of anime with an overpowered main character . But what about those titles where the protagonist decides to hide their powers and pretend that they are not so strong? What are their motives to do so? Well, each their own reason but it sure is satisfying to see when they finally decide to all out. Let us look at some of those anime where the main character is OP but hides it .

50 Best Romance Anime of All Time

The romance genre is one of the most popular genre in anime. Whether it be romantic comedies or romance with a sad ending, we love to watch all of them. After watching the likes of One Piece and My Hero Academia, it is always good to get a change of taste. This is why we have compiled a list of the 50 best romance anime of all time which are bound to brighten you up.

50 Saddest and Heartbreaking Anime of All Time

Are you a fan of heart breaking anime? Do you need a good cry to get through your current circumstances? Or do you just love watching the heartfelt dramas about love, loss and regret? What ever your reason may be, if you want to watch some saddest anime then check out our list of top 50 tearjerker anime that will make you cry like a baby. Our list includes both tv shows and anime movies. So have some tissues handy and get ready to cry!