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Games Like Club Penguin

Game Like Club Penguin, Club Penguin
Check this list of virtual world game like Club Penguin which provide similar gameplay. It is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) involving a virtual world containing a range of online games and activities, created by New Horizon Interactive. Players use cartoon penguin-avatars and play in a winter-set virtual world. Club Penguin was made available to the general public on October 24, 2005 and has since expanded into a large online community growing to the extent that by late 2007, it was claimed that Club Penguin had over 30 million user accounts. Read More @ Wikipedia.
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Games Similar to Club Penguin

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a fun online world created by Mind Candy, where you can adopt your own monster, go on adventures, play games, solve puzzles, be creative, and communicate with friends in a safe environment. The site have over 80 million registered users in 150 territories worldwide. Read More @ Wikipedia. Visit Official website Here.


Poptropica is an online, role-playing game owned by Pearson PLC, the global publishing and education company. It was made by Jeff Kinney, the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The site is aimed at children ages 6 to 15. Players can go to different islands, compete in multiplayer games, and communicate with each other. Players are given several quests, called islands, which they are encouraged to complete. Read More @ Wikipedia. Visit Official website Here.

Roly Poly Land

RolyPolyLand is a fairy-tale land where Rolies live. There are a lot of great things here for you to do. There are games, adventures, fashion shows, sports tournaments, great parties and you can hang out with friends.Here, you can make new friends, get new outfits, decorate your house, or become a businessperson by opening your own club. You can also learn magic and travel to incredible countries. Visit Official website Here.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online game launched in 2010 by Smart Bomb Interactive, in partnership with the National Geographic Society. The game, "which has experienced 500% year-over-year growth," already has millions of registered players, and "is one of the fastest-growing online kids properties worldwide." Animal Jam is free from outside advertising and adheres to a strict privacy policy. It requires Adobe Flash to play the web-based game.Read More @ Wikipedia. Visit Official website Here.


Neopets is a never ending online game where the players create and take care of their virtual pets called Neopets and explore the virtual world of Neopia. Players can earn Neopoints(NP) through various means like playing games and selling items, these earned neopoints can be used to buy various virtual goods and services. Read More @ Wikipedia. Visit Official website Here.

More games like Club Penguin

Habbo Hotel,
Space Heroes Universe,
Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall,
Free Realms,
Furry Fable,
ToonTown Online
Panfu,....... if you can think of more, then don't forget to mention it in comments.