Top 5 Dress-up Games Like Stardoll

Popular Dress-up Games Like Stardoll

Stardoll is a online virtual fashion world developed by Glorious Games Group. Although open for everyone Stardoll is very popular among teens and women. Here the players can interact with player from all over the world, play mini games, express their creative fashion sense to the world and compete in weekly challenges.

The players can choose or create their own virtual stardoll and style them with their creativity using tons of in game products they can buy from the games virtual shopping mall 'Starplaza'. The game became very popular for being safe, creative and self expressive nature of the community.

The game offers both free and premium membership and the players gain experience and in game currency by competing in game competitions. If you are looking for more games like Stardoll where you cam show-off your fashion sense and interact with other people, then the below recommendations are for you.

Popular Dress-up Games Similar to Stardoll:

1. Style Me Girl

Style Me Girl is a free to play mobile based (available on both Android and iOS) fashion game where you work as an upcoming stylist and create a new look for the models.

The game provides Plenty of accessories and styles with which you must become the city's top stylist. This is a free game like Stardoll for Android and iOS phones.

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2. I-Dressup

I-Dressup is a flash based dress up games that allow you to create, communicate, participate in the social hangouts. You can create your unique personal profiles and play dress up games, decorate rooms and create your own iLOOK.

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3. Lady Popular

Lady Popular is an online fashion game where you must lead your lady into a supermodel. The game offers a lot of customization options with over 16 million combinations with clothes, shoes, bags and many other accessories like rings, bracelets, chains etc.

The game also offers a lot of mini games malls, boyfriends, pets and of course duels. This is one of the most popular alternative if you are looking for games like Stardoll.

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4. Diva Chix

If you are looking for games like Stardoll that are not just dress-up and compete then Diva Chix is for you. The core of the game is dressing up your virtual doll and competing against other members. The players can compete individually or join a guild and compete with other guilds as a team.

This is a fun game the also teaches the importance of team work and financial management. In Diva Chix you can make new friends, work with them as a team and express your imagination.

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5. Fashion Fantasy Game

Are you passionate about fashion, friendship and fun? then Fashion Fantasy Game is for you. Developed by Nancy Ganz a fashion industry veteran this is a online social networking game for young women.

In this game can be either a designer who creates, produces and markets the fashion or a store owner who purchases from the designers, rent locations and attract shoppers. The game will teach financial discipline and offers weekly design challenges.

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