10 Social Games Like IMVU

Games Like IMVU

IMVU is a social network type game where you can create an avatar and live a life online, filled with a variety of activities and mini games. You can meet people, chat, and overall have fun in a virtual setting.

You can even emulate diverse scenarios: discos, bars, mansions with swimming pools and huge tigers, enchanted forests, tropical islands with multicolored sunsets, gothic rooms with pentagrams, glowing caves for elves and fairies. Once inside the room, we can move the camera to observe our character and his surroundings from all angles.

Check out more games like IMVU where you can also create online avatars, meet people and live a fun existence on the internet.

Best Social Games Similar to IMVU:

Second Life

Second Life is a very popular social game in its own right. Very similar to Facebook but with a 3d avatar. You can talk to people from all over the world. You have language translators, possibility to edit and create content, build clubs, show photos and videos on virtual screens, create items. It's an endless game. More than a game, it is an open world without end.

Just have fun and meet people... there are people who got a partner in that game or came to make friends with people on the other side of the world that later saw and followed their relationship in the real world. That’s what Second Life is all about and that is why if you like games like IMVU, this is our top choice for you.

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A great social game for teenagers to meet, interact and have fun. You can also create avatars, shop and play a ton of mini-games ranging from logic based, to finding items, to cowboys to coin gathering games. There’s a lot to do and a nice community to enjoy it with.

If you want more games like IMVU then this is really a solid choice.

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Habbo (or Habbo Hotel), is one of the largest social networks on the Internet, focused on young people and teenagers, presenting chat rooms in the shape of hotel rooms, rendered in isometric projection.

Habbo, the mythical game that served as a social network when Facebook, Twitter and Instagram did not yet dominate the scene, is experiencing a new surge in popularity thanks to the quarantine and social isolation caused by COVID-19. A great way to spend some time and find new friends!

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Lady Popular

Lady Popular is a casual fashion game that primarily targets the female audience and has been translated into 21 languages with more than 8 million registered users. Each player starts by creating a female character called A Lady.

After creating the lady, player can change her appearance (hairstyle, makeup, etc.), create styles for the lady, rent an apartment and decorate it, team up with other players in clubs and do missions in that mode, interact with other players by challenging themselves to duels in the Fashion Arena, communicate with them using the chat or messenger that the game has, comment and chat and compete against other lady's for who has the best look of the day, the best apartment and the best party.

A ton of fun for anyone who likes more games similar to IMVU, especially females!

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This is your virtual fashion world where you can join millions of fashionistas, customize and showcase your unique style with new clothes every week, create your character's story and have fun with thousands of fashionable clothes to look like a superstar.

Do you want to become a celebrity? Do you like to wear the clothes of great designers? Do you love to dress up like celebrities do? Do you dream of being a fashionista? Then look no further because this is exactly the game you have been looking for.

Fans of IMVU will appreciate the interaction this game has to offer that will keep them busy for hours each and every day!

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